Home Automation Design & Installation Services

At Total Automation we specialise in working with you to deliver exactly what it is you want to achieve. Whether it's smart lighting, whole house audio, smart heating & cooling, irrigation systems, smart locks or remote monitoring, we're here to offer advice and assist.

The past few years has been a very exciting time for home automation with an explosion of new smart devices and technologies hitting the market. We specialise in taking the best of these technologies and making them work together. 


We have extensively road tested everything we offer and in most cases are using (and loving) them in our own homes. Our solutions use the latest technology and are reliable and practical.

The heart of every Total Automation Smart Home is run by a software product called Indigo Domotics, a powerful, user friendly smart home controller used world wide. We love Indigo Domotics for its reliability, powerful features and intuitive user friendly interface. Our service includes full set-up, configuration and training of Indigo Domotics. We are an Australian re-seller of Indigo Domotics which is also availalbe from our online store.

We use a combination of different device technologies to bring you the latest, most reliable and user friendly smart home solutions.

Where possible we use Z-Wave devices. There are currently hundreds of Z-Wave devices available with more being released daily. Z-Wave is very reliable, reasonably priced and is extremely easy and cost effective to retro-fit.

We also fully integrate devices like your smart TV, Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, smart thermostats (Ecobee & Nest), smart door bells (Ring & Doorbird) and many others. 

All our solutions are fully controllable from iOS and Android apps for smart phones and tablets.

Training & Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional design and installation services, but that's not where it ends. 


A Smart Home grows and changes with you. What works now might change over time as your family and routine evolve. That's why we're always happy to teach how how the system works and encourage you to make tweaks and changes yourself. Of course, if you'd rather leave it all to us that's fine too.

Like  all "smart" things, occasionally things can go wrong. We specialise in products that are extremely reliable and go on working untouched for years. But if something does go wrong we're here to put it back on track. All our work comes with initial support included, after which ongoing options are available.