The Raspberry Pi Screen Wall Mount is a sturdy enclosure / mount to attach your Offical Raspberry Pi Display (and Raspberry Pi) to a wall. 


Designed and manufactured in the USA by gazouta:tech, this mount looks fantastic, is high quality and made from 100% aluminium.


The Pi is mounted behind the screen inside the wall cavity. 


Included in the kit:

  • Anodised Aluminium Pi Mount (this is the enclosure that you can see when mounted)
  • Aluminium Pi Wall Mount Bracket (this is hidden but attaches the display/Pi/mount to the wall)
  • #4-40 Machine screws (these are small, inconspicuous screws that hold the mount to the bracket)
  • 4 #6-32 machine screws (these are used to mount the bracket to a USA electrical box. Please note: The electrical box is not included)


Please note: The mount is designed to be attached to a standard 3 or 4 gang USA electrical box which we sell here. We highly recommended purchasing our 3 gang electrical box but you can get creative and attach the bracket in other ways. Our electrical box has the added bonus of protecting the Pi & Display from dust.


Not Included in the kit

  • Raspberry Pi Computer
  • Official Raspberry Pi Touch Screen
  • 3-Gang or 4-Gang USA electrical box (sold separately here)
  • 5/64" ball ended allen key. If you don't have one they're readily available at Bunnings.


Installation instructions here.

Raspberry Pi Screen Wall Mount